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Introduction: Fingertip Protector..Make Your Own

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Let's assume that someone you know, not you, have maybe done something stupid and sliced, scrapped, burned or otherwise injured the tip of a finger.  Once the bleeding has stopped the injured digit should get a thin coat of antibiotic cream and be left exposed to the air.  To keep from the regular, literal, pain of having the fingertip scraped, bumped or rubbed, a protector should be applied.

While finger protectors are inexpensive and readily available, a very cheap home version can be made without having to make a trip to the store.  

Plastic milk jug
Adhesive tape

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Step 1: Make and Apply

Cut a strip of plastic from a straight section of the milk jug and wash it to remove any residue.  My strip was about 4-1/2" x 3/4" for an adult male hand.  Cut two pieces of adhesive tape about 4" long and loosely hang them from a shelf or counter.  Attach the end of one piece of tape towards one end of the plastic,.  Lay the plastic on top of the injured finger so that about 2/3 of it extends past the fingertip.   Wrap the tape around the finger to secure the plastic.

Fold the free end of the plastic so that the end is at the bottom of the finger with the bend 1/4"-1/2" from the tip.  Tape it in place.   With the plastic securely in place you can do most  normal activities without constantly bumping something and suffering the painful consequences.   

There will be no verification of speculation as to how I may have come up with this DIY.  

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