Finishing the Unfinished

Here are two projects that went unfinished for a long time. The first was a panel of acrylic/angora (?) yarn that my mother knit in the late 80s. She died in 1991 and one of my sisters gave me my mother's knitting needles, notions, yarn, partially finished projects but no patterns! Apparently she gave those away. I have no idea what this panel could have been for, but I made a little bed for my 3 year old's "babies." I just stitched up the sides of the flat panel, and made a little pillow cushion for their heads. She puts different stuffed animals in it every night. It's nice to be able to say that her grandmother made this for her, even though they never knew each other my daughter knows she had a creative Nana.

The second project I totally had a bad karma/knitting experience with. This was supposed to be a felted mitten (for a woman). I was in a bad mood about it, and I forced myself to finish it. Anyway, I should have gone to another project! Finally I thought I could make a mitten fish for my son's aquatic themed room, and I'm happy how it came out. Just a little embroidery floss and an old button and that was it.

Anyway, my message today is: Don't get frustrated with an unfinished project, re-think it! I really like the little things I can make for my kids showing them the creativity exists everywhere.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    the rabbitt is really cute. do you have a pattern for the rabbitt? can I have a copy if you do. thank you


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hi there, do you have a pattern for the bunny in the photo? Thanks, Helen.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    whatever it is that has the furry hair is great! It has charisma!