Finn ~ Character From the Game Sorcery ~ in Progress!

Introduction: Finn ~ Character From the Game Sorcery ~ in Progress!

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My son Xander's favorite PS3 game at the moment so he decided thats who he wants to be for Halloween, so I had to get crackin'. 

First things first, figure out who this character is!  Googled my little heart out to find a good detailed picture of this Finn guy.  Luckily I found an awesome detailed one here ~>
As with others from the game.  My sons 1st choice was the big green guy with the spikes.  Now as I would have made it, hell its looks kick a$$, BUT its already almost October, I wouldnt have time to do it perfect!  And my son understood! 

Step 1: Supplies!

Best place in the world to find supplies....Goodwill!

$20.00 Later I found everything I needed.  (except for the glowing light bulb potion thing on his back, which I will make somehow later)

3 leather belts
Green long sleeve shirt a little big on my son
Khaki colored pants, one size bigger than what my son wears, we wanted them a little baggy 
leather jacket
Mens green long sleeve plaid shirt

and a few things I had around the house (bleach)

Step 2: The Green Shirt

I happen to come across a long sleeve shirt, even though the costume is short sleeve, its better to have extra fabric that might be needed on other parts.

Details, details, details......its all in the details!

As you can see in the main picture of Finn, his shirt has lighter seams on the shoulders.  So a little bit of bleach & water & a q-tip & have we lighter seams!

Took some this yarn to make sticking on the shirt, along with some scrap drank green fabric I had and made the collar.

Step 3: The Plaid Waist Sash

Mens XL long sleeve plaid shirt $3.99

I cut along all the seams of the front part of the shirt.  Along the seam where the buttons are, along the bottom, up the side, around the arm, and along the shoulder part.  (Not the pocket side of the shirt)  

I made a pattern out of paper, so I could put it up to my son to make sure it was the right size.

Place the pattern on the fabric, traced & cut.  Good thing with my son being short, I was able to cut 2 patterns out of 1 part of the shirt.

I also will be able to use the button part of the shirt I had cut off to use as the waist part (like a belt) with these 2 pieces attached to it.

Step 4: Other Waist Sash

From the main long sleeve shirt I cut off the sleeves and then cut along all the seams to open it up flat.  HOPEFULLY I can use these 2 pieces as the sash.

I put them in a bowl of bleach water, because the color for the 2nd sash is a lighter green

Step 5: Potion

*Find a light bulb shaped thing, preferably that lights up or glows....uuggg I search the internet for hours!

What do you know, Walgreen had a light-bulb key chain light for less than $1!! SCORE!!

NOW it has to be green!

Painting the whole light-bulb looked like crap, so I took it apart and just put a little paint on the led blub, put it together & it looked good.

Took one of the belts apart to use the leather straps.  Cut the large strap into small thin pieces to wrap around the light-bulb. Use shoe glue to stick all the pieces on.

Looks really good all lit up in the dark!

Step 6: Twig Wand

*make a twig like wand that lights up!

Some tools, newspaper, tape, a wire hanger & an Led light (I used a little candle light) glue & paint

Bent the wire hanger around, how ever you like.

Took apart the led candle & snipped all the extra plastic around it & the battery pack & taped it to the top.

Wrapped newspaper around the hanger, secured it with some tape.  Added glue to first couple layers of paint to smooth it out a little.

Painted with a few different colors to make it look like wood.

Step 7: Leather Boot Covers

Found a leather jacket for $4.99

This is work perfect (lighter then I want but I might find a way to change that)  I plan to use the arms/sleeves for a no sew boot cover....stay tune to see if I can do it!

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