Finns Golden Sword Scarlet

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Hey all this is one of my completed projects finally that i can show off okay so the sword is made completely of maple and its scaled to be about 36 inches in length, i didnt take much pics of the fabrication process but i'll post what i have.

Step 1: Building Process

Here is the sword finished and unpainted ,it was made in 4 pieces pommel,hilt,handguard, and blade was all glued together with a 1/2" dowel going through it.

Step 2: Painting

I primed the sword and started painting the blade a nice metallic gold,I taped off the blade and started painting the hilt with black enamel i then clear coated the whole thing.

Step 3: Adding Details

I bought two 1-1/2" clear acrylic half spheres and colored them with sharpie and clear coated them these were to be placed in the pommel.I installed the half spheres and gave the thing 2 coats of clear coat then i wrapped the hilt in a light gray fabric (in the photo you see the glue show through but i fixed that problem later on).

Step 4: Done!

Here is the finished outcome i am really happy with it c: the scratches in the blade are present but hard to see.



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    4 years ago

    Really nice.
    AWEME made the actual sword on YouTube, you should check it out

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