Finns Grass Sword




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So have you ever wanted to swing around finns grass sword?

well if you did then we can deliver this thing whistles through the air is light weight and looks like its straight from the show!

this is the list of stuff you need!

1 piece light green construction paper

1 piece dark green construction paper

1 pencil

1 bottle elmer's glue (not glue sticks)

a ruler

a protractor

scissors and a razor or exact-o(ask for parents to use them)

Now that you have your ingredients it is time to make a sword that will be the best 3 bucks of your life!

(may be more then 3 bucks if you don't already have all of the materials)

Step 1: The Handle

first you will need a 11 1/2 by 8 piece of dark green paper (all paper is the same size) then cut out a 5 inch by 11 1/2 piece then get your ruler.And start folding with the ruler until you folded the whole thing it should be a little over one inch it should be like the picture above then glue it together we will get back to the handle later, TO THE NEXT STEP!!!

Step 2:

get a light green piece of paper same size and use the same technique only no cutting put the ruler in the area in the first picture and start folding when you are done get your protractor and place it like the picture above to draw an out line.Then cut on your outline to make the curved part (DO NOT GLUE YET!!!).TO THE NEXT STEP (again)

Step 3: Putting the Whole Thing Together

Ok before you do this step do not glue the paper together on the swords blade.ok you are going to want to get the left over paper from before and cut out 1 inch wide strips of dark green paper the put glue on one side and wrap it around until it looks like the 1st picture then do it again on the opposite side.then cut out little triangles on the tips to make the and guards.Ok to get the blade onto the handle you have to unfold the blade and put the extra 1 to 2 inches that are open on the handle and glue it in there.Then fold the blade to look like the blade again now you can glue it and wait for all the glue to dry.

Step 4: YOUR DONE!!!!!!!

well not yet you still have to draw all the details and cut a triangle in the bottom but besides that you are done!!!

(it should look like the pictures above)the tip of your sword still having the hole is good so don't glue that shut because that is what makes it whistle.

if your sword start to flop put a folded piece of paper inside and i will thicken up,now that you have the sword you can display it play with it use it in a costume what ever you want now all you need is a shape shifting dog and a finn hat and backpack:)

any way have fun!!



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5 Discussions

Fin the human

2 years ago

very cool I have an idea tho. I once made Finns demon blood sword and I used a layer of cardboard under the paper and whatnot . but that's just an idea.

4 replies
GLaDOS_Fin the human

Reply 2 years ago

oh i did that but that makes the sword to heavy i just suggest put a pencil up the sword handle also when i put card board in it the thing gets more wight and has trouble making the whistle sound but put the card board in if you want to i just suggest keeping it light wight to stay true to the show:)