Finn's Sword

Introduction: Finn's Sword

About: I enjoy building things with cardboard or wood!

This is my sword I decided to build for my finn costume. It is made of wood so, you will need a lot of tools and patience.

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Step 1: Cutting the Shape

The first thing I did was I cut the basic shape with a table saw. It was difficult to keep a straight line. You should mark the lines out with a pencil before you start cutting.

Step 2: Making Grip and Knuckle Guard

I cut out two thin blocks of wood and glued them to the sides of the handle. You will need wood glue for it. I was stupid and put the grip on before the knuckle guard. The knuckle guard was cut into a rectangular shape, then sanded into a sailboat shape.

Step 3: Knuckle Guard

If you are smart, you will put the knuckle guard on the sword before the grip. You can do this by cutting out a rectangular hole with a drill press.

Step 4: Making Tear and Battle Marks

I used a hand saw and cut out dents and scratches in the sword. The lines can be done any way you would like.

Step 5: Painting Grip

Next, I painted the grip with black spray paint. Make sure to tape the blade and knuckle guard when you do this.

Step 6: Painting Blade

Make sure you wait to let the black paint dry. I took yellow spray paint and gave it a coat of paint.

Step 7: Outlining Scratches

I hand painted the black indents with a paintbrush.

Step 8: Bottom or Circle of Sword

I ran out of wood for the very bottom of the sword. Then, I cut down a tree branch in the woods and used it. It was a thick brach, so I cut a slice of and removed the bark. After I did that, I painted it with black paint and hand painted the details.

Step 9: Grip Wrap

I tried to save some money for this step because I didn't want to buy $6 sticky athletic tape. I bought a $1 pencil case before school started and cut it up. It worked really well.

Step 10: This Is My First Actual Instructable

I love making props, but this is my first actual instructable. Sorry if it's not perfect...

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    8 Discussions

    Zender cool
    Zender cool

    6 years ago on Introduction

    are you insane this is totally perfects and i will tell this to other people too


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi can you tell me how to make the handle/grip. It wasn't included in the description. Thank you


    6 years ago

    In total: 36 inches tall.
    Blade: 27 inches tall, 2 1/4 across the blade, almost an inch thick.
    Handle: 6 1/2 inches tall, 1 1/2 across, 2 inches wide.
    Knuckle guard: 1 inch tall, 8 inches across, 3 inches wide.
    Bottom: it's really up to you, but mine has a 1 3/4 inch diameter.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work!
    Btw could you send me dimensions of all the parts?

    The Rambler
    The Rambler

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Haha, I love the use of the branch! That's genius. The battle damage looks perfect too.