Finn's Swords

So this is not going to be a Step-By-Step tutorial one. In this one i'm telling you guys what I used, and what I made. PLZZZZZ vote for me in the Stick It! Contest, too. Anyway, back to this instructable. So keep in mind, some of these are props, some are LARPing weapons, some are Halloween costume pieces.

Step 1:

Here are the swords. There is Finn's normal sword, his grass sword, and two more that I have no idea what the names are.

Step 2: Materials

Here are the materials I used:

  • Lot's and lot's of duct tape
  • Foam
  • PVC (half inch)
  • PVC foam
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • Chopsticks

Step 3: Foam Swords

These three are just props. I used flat foam and stuck chopsticks in it to stick them together. Then I taped it.

Step 4: Halloween Prop

For Halloween I am being Finn, so I made this for his sword. It is flat foam for the blade, PVC for the handle, more foam for the butt, and tape. Lot's of tape.

Step 5: LARPing Sword

This is the same sword, but built with LARPing materials so you can use it in battle.



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