Fire Alarm System GSM Based Using Arduino

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Did you know 87% of fire damages occur due to lack of early fire detection but Now we will try to Reduce this Percentage with the help of Technology so let,s Start when fire occurs the Gsm Module will send an SMS to a specified users Mobile numbers that "fire occurred in New Room" or anything you can replace this message with your Own string.

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Step 1: Components

Arduino Uno

LCD 16X2



5v Power Supply for Arduino

12v Power supply for GSM MODULE

10k Potentio Merter

Step 2: Demo on Proteus

***Download the Proteus file In Proteus Virtual Terminal Work as a GSM Module **

We set Temp Threshold Value in code if(Temp_alert_val>45) when temperature reach to 45c it will send sms to a user Mobile Number that fire Occurred you can Replace the temperature value by your Own but remember that normal Room temp is nearly equal to 25c before setting your Temp threshold first make sure what is your Room temp and set the Threshold value on the basis of Room temp.You can Replace this Mobile number by a person Cellphone number to receive a Fire alert sms ("AT+CMGS=\"+9295440000000\"\r").

Step 3: Download the Code

The code is very Simple if you people found any difficulty while making this Project so don't hesitate to ask me

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 3

    i am unable to get a message on my phone using this code..please help!!


    3 years ago

    wer will we write the code ???


    3 years ago

    Why there is .hex file in Zip folder

    Is it proven and tested code

    will it send SMS or ring

    please guide


    4 years ago

    can i use sim 300 gsm module instead of gsm shield