Fire-Breathing Dragon Cake!!




Introduction: Fire-Breathing Dragon Cake!!

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I first saw this idea in a children's Magazine and decided to make it for my younger brother's 5th Knight-themed birthday party. With 2 ordinary 9 inch cakes, frosting, and a few other easy to find candies, you can create a very realistic dragon!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need-
2 9-inch cakes
6 cups of frosting, your choice of colour (more or less, depending on how thick you like your icing.
8 Keebler chocolate covered graham crackers
8 Sunkist fruit gems
2 Sunkist fruit slices
2 Blue Fruit Roll-Ups
1 Red Fruit Roll-Up
1 Yellow Fruit Roll-Up
1 Marshmallow
2 Chocolate Chips
2 Hershey's Kisses
2 Wooden Skewers

You will want all of your fruit gems, slices, and icing to be all colour co-ordinated-I chose orange candies and yellow icing, but you can do what ever colours will match the plates or napkins you will have at the party.

Step 2: Preparation

Take a serrated bread knife and cut the middle part out of all the rectangular crackers so that you have 2 triangular pieces out of each one. Next, slice all of the Fruit Gems in half.

Step 3: Assembly

Now, let's start assembling!

Take one of your 9 inch round cakes and slice it in half. Take your frosting and spread some on one half, then place the other half on top, and place the whole thing on a cardboard cake board or aluminum foil covered cardboard.

Next, you will cut up the remaining cake. The diagram below shows exactly how to do it. Don't worry if it isn't exact-you can always make a smallish piece bigger looking with icing. ;-)

Step 4: Icing

Next, assemble the cake pieces according to the picture below, trimming any pieces if necessary.

Now, you will frost Mr. Dragon. I find that using a flat icing tip in your full icing bag works wonders on those difficult, moist and crummy parts, and once you've covered up the crumbs, you can use your spatula to smooth things over. This method keeps those crumbs from showing up in your icing.

Step 5: Decorate!!

Now, you will decorate the Dragon!

First, to make the Dragon look like he is scaly, use a child's marker cap to imprint the design onto the creamy frosting. Arrange the Graham crackers along his back and tail; place Fruit Gems and Slices on his toes and head. Press the Hershey's Kisses pointy side in onto the end of his snout, and cut the marshmallow in half and place the chocolate chips on top.

Step 6: Wings & Fire

To make his wings, you'll need a skewer and a blue fruit roll-up. Trim off a corner of the roll-up to keep them from looking too bulky, and after rolling it up the skewer, trim off the edges bat wing style. Repeat for other wing. Make sure not to stick these in until right before serving, because they are heavy and will sag over time.

For the fire, trim your yellow and red roll-ups into curvy, twisty pieces, and position near mouth.

And, there you have it!! ENJOY!!

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Love this cake! The instructions were clear and it was pretty easy to make! I Needed more cake so I used a 12 in cake pan. I Iced it with reg frosting first but it looked kind of sloppy so I decided to pipe Decorator icing on the entire cake using the star decorator tip. Everyone loved it and more importantly the birthday boy loved it! He kept sneaking over and eating all the keebler grahams off of the spine! LOL

Thanksgiving2010 012.JPG

My son wanted a Dragon cake for his 5 birthday this summer and I was worried because I couldn't find a dragon cake pan anywhere but than I found this and WOW it was easier than a cake pan! Those stinking cake pan you have to make 20 different colored frostings what a pain! This was so much easier than I thought it'd be and everyone thought it was amazing. My son was thrilled! Thank you sooooo much for sharing this!!!!! Now I'm hoping he wants a dragon cake every year! ;)

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Did you pipe the frosting on? What tip did you use if so? If not what was the technique you used? This cake looks great. I am planning to make it for my son's party this Saturday. Any pointers or tips would be helpful!! Thanks

Yes I piped it on with tip #16, which is a star shaped tip. I didn't do anything special I just covered it and wasn't even very graceful about it which I think may have helped make it look a little rougher like a dragon might be. I couldn't find orange gems so I just used orange slices for the claws and eyebrows. I think I used chocolate chips for the center of the eyes. I throw foil over a cookie sheet and it fit in there a little snug but worked out great. My tail ended up being a bi thin but I just made bigger with lots of frosting. Let me know if you have anymore questions and good luck! It was easier than I thought it was gonna be. =)

Well, here is my rendition of the fire breathing dragon! Thank you for all your help. It was a hit!!


Looks awesome!! Like the green eyes and curvy tail, nice touch. =) I bet your son was thrilled. Glad to help but really we all have kitchenwench to thank!!!! Thank goodness she shared because I would've never thought something this awesome up on my own!

The first picture is of my first try making the dragon birthday cake for my grandson's 3rd birthday. However, I had to transport it 2 1/2 hours away. So I decided to use the lid a Rubbermaid storage tote to put under the bottom of the cake and snapped the bottom of the tote over the top of the cake as the lid. Thought is was pretty ingenious. Problem was that my son-in-law didn't know that the cake was in the tote and turned it right side up when my daughter and I were out. Came home to a broken dragon. But got a new base already frosted from the grocery store and reassembled the newly reconstructed dragon on it. Put the wings on right before the party. Enjoyed making BOTH cakes and got may compliments!

Joseph Fire-breathing Dragon Bcake.jpgJoseph's 3rd Bcake #2.jpgJoseph's 3rd Bcake #2 with wings.jpg

My Paramedic hubby & I made this together for our son's 9th birthday...OH WOW, we had a BLAST making this...The kids ate our "mistakes" and all turned out AWESOME!!! Was a GREAT hit...We used a German chocolate cake as the base to make the dragon look like he was laying on the ground...

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This is my dragon cake, I made it for my 15th birthday party just because this looked so awesome. I think it turned out pretty well, even after an hour of yelling at a bowl of frosting and getting weird looks from the neighbors. Thanks for the instructable!

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I made this for my son's 6th birthday party.  It was a huge success and everyone was shocked that I actually made it myself.  I'm not much of a cook and even less a baker.  But, the instructions were dead on and the end result was amazing.  I highly recommend that after you bake the cakes and let them cool - put them in the freezer.  It made it MUCH easier to cut the pieces and didn't hardly crumble when I went to frost it.  It was awesome!


I loved this cake it was my only second attempt at making  a novelty cake. I am in Australia. It meant I had to substitute and use different things. I used Tobelorone Bars for my spikes. One problem my spikes kept getting eaten on me while assembling it. Fantastic idea and your instructions were spot on. Thanks from Australia!

Victoria Australia

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 Just finished making this cake for my daughter's 4th birthday party. She is very pleased with it. I had to shorten the tail to fit it on top of a large sheet cake. 


Hey, I made the cake. It turned out pretty good. The frosting I use was a little to sticky and made frosting it more difficult. I didn't have time to make my own and used Betty Crocker Whipped cream cheese frosting. I don't recommend using that kind! Other than that the cake was a huge hit at the party! Thanks so much for the idea!