Fire Fly Using Ebot.




Introduction: Fire Fly Using Ebot.

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A simple project using Ebot This is made by gradually increasing and decreasing the brightness of an LED which mimics a firefly.The Ebot controller is programmed using drag and drop blockly based application called Ebot.

We Makers Academy use simple DIY projects using Ebot to promote STEM-based education and robotic skills to children.

Ebot blockly:

Ebot blockly is graphical programming
software used to program Ebots. This software is based on Google Blockly. The user can drag and drop nodes to the workspace, modify its parameters and can finish programming. Nodes include input devices, output devices, code flow control elements like delay, logical statements like if and many more.

Code window on the right side of the software automatically generates and modifies the code for each change in the workspace. This code is editable also. All useful features like Debugging sensors, Serial monitor, Node Maker and Live control are embedded inside the software.

A user can also play video and music, open any files like image or spreadsheets by using multimedia nodes.

Materials Used.

1- Ebot controller board.

2- EBot LED module.

3- USB cable for connecting PC and the controller board.

4- PC with Ebot blockly for programming.

5- Connection wire.

6-Firefly clipart(if needed).

for each blocks, corresponding

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Step 1: Programming

Ebot blockly code:
blocks are selected from the left pane and dropped as per the logic.There are different blocks for each input, outputs, logic, Flow, variables, multimedia, advanced, mouse control and keyboard control as well. Using these blocks, prototyping and DIY projects are made easier.

For blockly programming, You can find the tutorial videos on the website and as well as on youtube.

Step 2: Arduino Equivalent Code.

The Arduino equivalent code will be generated for each corresponding blocks created.Either you can write Arduino codes only if you are good in coding.

Step 3: Output

After programming, downloading the code into the controller is carried out.Ensure that the controller is powered on and properly connected via USB cable.

You can see the firefly output as shown in the video.

For downloading the Application for different OS platforms and to know more, visit

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    2 years ago

    That's a fun idea :) I love fireflies