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Intro: Fire Missiles Cigarette Lighter

Bored? Have a car?...Probably. This project is great for people who honk their horn too often; also, for people who like cool things.

Step 1: Materials/Tools


  • ABS Filament
  • Red Nail Polish
  • Cigarette lighter


  • 3d Printer
  • Sand Paper

Step 2: Ddd Print

Use this file to 3d print the plastic component.

Step 3: Clean Up the Print

Start with something heavier duty, then move on to something of more detail. I started with a chisel, then moved to a razor, and finally sanded it.

Step 4: Paint

Using the red nail polish, fill the letters with nail polish. Then use something like a piece of paper to scrape off the excess. Let it harden for about half an hour. Then sand it again. Makes sure to use an air compressor to blow it while you sand it. Otherwise the abs dust will get in the letter grooves and make it look awful.

Step 5: Combine

The first time I put it together I was worried it would break. I ended up using a lot of force to attach the abs part to the cigarette lighter; however, it did not. I then proceeded to remove it and re-attach it several times. None of which broke it.

Step 6: The End

Congratulations! You have just finished your fire missiles button (or simply reading this instructables). So congratulations! If you have any other ideas for buttons, leave a comment.



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    1 year ago

    My son's would love this. I will have to see if they want to try it.