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So for one of my daughters cosplays she decided to go as Azula from The Last Airbender series. This is my take of her Fire Nation crown

Step 1: Tools and Materials

1) Heat Gun
2) Utility knife
3) Sand paper
4) Two flat pieces of wood

1) Small plastic bat
2) Gold Paint
3) Long plastic stirrer (optional)

Step 2: Ring Around the Rosie , I Mean Bat

Draw a ring around the middle of your bat and another about 2 inches above to form a band.
Lay the bat aside.

Step 3: There's a Pattern to the Madness

Draw a pattern of Azulas Fire nation crown to a size to your taste making sure the length is not greater than the circumstance of your bat.
Cut this pattern out

Step 4: Piece It Together

Take the pattern and tape it to the bat with the base of the pattern along the edge of the band you drew earlier

Step 5: Making the Cut

Using your utility knife, cut the resulting shape from the bat

Step 6: Things Are Heating Up

Heat the flame emblem with the heat gun on low setting (Do not heat the band) until pliable and immediately sandwich between the two flat pieces of wood.
Let cool for 30 minutes.
Sand the crown, smoothing the edges and lightly scoring the surfaces.

Step 7: Done Deal

Now spray paint the crown gold. I applied 3 layers.

Wear the crown over a bun and it should stay securely. For added security you can punch two holes on each side where you can insert a long hair pin. From an economical angle, you can sand and paint a long plastic stirrer and use that as a hair pin

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