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I bought this Fire Pit for $10 at a garage sale up the street. Wow what a deal! (& two days later the neighbor brings home a bbq pit with smoker for $20 same condition!) So here it is

Yard Sale find for $10!!!!!! Plus $8 for high temperature spray paint to total out for ~$18
1. Disassembly
2. Heavy Rust Removal using angle grinder with wire wheel attachement &/or wire brush
3. Rust Removal & Prevention with Green pad & Vinegar Mixture (1 part vinegar to 2-3 parts water, amount doesn't need to be exact)
4. Neutralize the Acid (vinegar) with water while scrubing with the green pad, air dry in the sun, (the metal should be slightly yellow) paint (in this case with high temperature paint) & voice (Lit. "Here" [it is-done])!

The next picture is of a 68 Chevy truck Cowl that I did 2 years ago. I've been doing the same process on my 60's & 70's cars & trucks since 2010, & the area I did it in hasn't rust at all. Vinegar is cheap, there are products out there that the auto places want you to buy, which are expensive & don't always work... like Rustolium? With a formula to help rust prevention, really? I tried quite a few of these products that will prevent rust, back in '05-'08 & they always seemed to fail. You got to do rust prevention before the rust eats away too much!

The picture instruction doesn't meet my instructable's size & space criteria, so you have to click on it>then select the original size to be able to see it, or go here:

*Last thing, I'm not saying Rustolium is a bad product, I use alot of it & remember the old colours like sunburst yellow which is now safety yellow. & outside in TX sun it'll last 3 years before oxidation starts to set in & then in 5 years it'll flake. So paint & then wax or that will be what happens to your work.

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    pip lache
    pip lache

    6 years ago on Introduction

    We, all know that guy-
    who has a new bbq pit, who paints over it with high temperature paint with rust preventive chemicals. It's black & it's shiney, however underneath the paint rust is still eating away at the metal. 3 years later of repainting every year holes start showing through.
    The vinegar water mixture shared & rust removal will prevent the holes & create an enjoyable item - that you purchased or got somehow, far beyond what the cheap method of production used these days. So that you'll have a good quality product in the end.