Fire Starter Box




Introduction: Fire Starter Box

A rectangle wooden box which allows air to travel through while the fire is still going on. 4 wooden planks hot glued together with a lever top so u can put it on. It could also act like an ember box(put something on the bottom) It is an easy fire starter and it keeps it going for about 10 minutes which allows you to get wood. You Can put holes in it if you want too.

Step 1: Things You Need

5 blocks of wood


Hot Glue Gun



Step 2: Putting It All Together

Get the hot glue gun and with 2 of the blocks of wood glue them together. Then Get 2 more blocks of wood and put them together(one on the right) (LOOK)

Step 3: Keep It Goin

Keep on Putting it together. look at the image!

Step 4: TADA!

Your Finished!!!

Step 5: If You Wants

If you want you can add the little piece of wood at the end.

Now that your done get some cotton or Tissue and get some matches or flint and steel and light those babies up. Once you get that started put it in the box and it should catch on fire. It will last about 10 minutes which leaves you enough time to get wood and build a big fire.




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    This all seems like a waste of time since the stuff you put inside (tissue, etc.) will catch your kindling on fire just fine. And if you don't have some fuel collected already, you shouldn't build the fire in the first place. Maybe it would be OK for a fireplace, but too much stuff to carry for a bug-out bag.

    As far as legality goes the Federal Govt produces 70,000 pages in the federal register every year. These new laws and regs make nearly everything you do illegal and most people cannot go through even a day without committing three felonies. Since governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, show me where I have signed a consent form to make myself vulnerable to their laws and regs. Since I haven't, then the government is illegitimate in demanding that I obey their laws. Illegal to burn glue, give me a break.

    funsucker#1 dont ever quote law on here again you obviously speak before knowing what you are talking about. funsucker #2 really toxic chemicals might get inhaled ? hmm im sure that would kill him much quicker than say the fumes from burning a 100 pounds of wood or the carcinogens in the charred part of the meat or the swollen liver dealing with uptight people like you causes or giant embers explodeing from burning green wood and not to mention freezzing to gd death or even he could be beat to death by smokey bear lol nice instructable keep on playing with fire dude thanks for shareing how helpful convection can be to create a higher temperature fire for the novices that find themselves unable to ignite the fallen limbs when out for the weekend camping

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     I read a page about a wilderness expert and he said you should spend much more time than you think collecting wood.

    its illegal to burn that glue and the wood you are using contains treated chemicals. this is unsafe, toxic, and illegal.

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    actually it isnt illeagal to burn glue because the fbi cia ncis and all other crime investigating units including csis burn super glue to lift fingerprints and the suppliers of the black dust they use do it to recycle wood into charcoal and grind it up in to that powdw it just cant be used to filter liquids and i have burned the shiny news paper i just had to wrap in regular paper

    Like you said there they burn cyanacrolate glue and hot glue wont release chemicals ! Burning it is almost the same as Heating it which will only turn it to a liquid!

    Glue is not illegal to burn, and unless you're talking about 5-year-old treated wood it is not toxic. Anyway, if it releases toxins while it's burning go look for some logs, throw the logs in the fire, leave it alone for a while then you're done.

    the usa and any other modern country. same reason why cars need catalitic converters, bad emissions. its also illegal to bun the parts of the news paper that comes with the shiny gloss on it.

     shiny gloss just isnt good to burn. Way to much ink and crud. And how would they know. Unless you were making logs out of them, they wouldnt care. Regular newspaper is fine to burn.

    Dude. I live in the US and burning that stuff is not illegal. I agree that it is not wise but no one is going to arrest me for it.

    wow, mas9779, you should really read up on your code... there are restrictions, but burning the shiny part of newspaper??? where did you pull that one from? if you have a citation for that, i'll gladly tell you that you're right, but until that day, you're not. Household junk, such as furniture, is illegal, but these are small planks of wood. oh, and it's spelled catalytic converter...

    In fact, even landfills burn their unwanted rubbish. And that includes glossy newspaper that someone forgot to recycle.

    I think its a good idea, to use tapered wood to make a "fire box". it's not illegal to burn shims nor is there toxic chemicals in them, you twit. Also it is not illegal to burn hot glue, they sell fireworks and they produce more toxic fumes then melted glue. I wouldn't recommend it because of the smell and fumes. It might be illegal to burn on "non-burn" days but that's it. the wax will produce fumes as well, just not as black. I think it would be very cool to have all the parts interlock with each other like a puzzle, then you could have it ready for those quick fire needs.

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