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Introduction: Fire White Fish

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Start a fire in grill or fire pit and let burn to red hot coals.

Take about 1 lb of white fish like Flounder or Cod.

Put a few teaspoons of olive oil on a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil

Place fish on top of oil on sheet of foil.

On top of the fish sprinkle with salt and pepper and about 1 tablespoon of tarragon and rosemary.

Place a medium sized sweet onion sliced on top of fish and a few slices of lemon to cover fish.

Cover fish with foil and make sure it is tight aroung fish.

Place fish on top of coals in pit or grill and cook on each side about 10 minutes.

Be Careful when you open foil to not get burned from the steam.

Serve on foil and enjoy.

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    Nice instructions. If you have any pictures of the process, it would really help people to follow along.