Fire and Ice

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This is a take on Fire and Ice.
The heat of the chile pepper and the sweetness of the chocolate make for an exciting flavor combination.
WARNING THIS EXTREMELY HOT should only be attempted by chile enthusiasts

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Step 1:

I got this idea from a hot sauce convention.

semi-sweet chocolate
white chocolate
3-4 chile peppers

Wash and dry chiles
cut down one side of the chile and remove the seeds and ribs
dip in semi-sweet chocolate
dizzle with white chocolate
chill or serve immediately

Step 2: Alterations

Here are some other things you can do

Add filling to the chile

Cream Cheese and Sugar
Peanut Butter

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I'd recommend blanching or roasting the peppers first for those of us without as strong a spice tolerance. Looks amazing.