Fire Vortex

Introduction: Fire Vortex

a fire vortex made out of a can

Step 1: Get Materials

Steel can
rotary tool with cut off disk
rubbing alcohol

Step 2: Remove Label and Glue

remove label and scrape glue off

Step 3: Markings

Use ruler to make line from top ridges to bottom ridges
repeat three to four times spaced evenly over can
add lines horizontally at the ends of each line

Step 4: Cut

use rotary tool and cut along the lines wear ear and eye protection

Step 5: Bending

bend each flap like the picture

Step 6: Ignite

put any kind of alcohol in the bottom, light on fire. WARNING a few seconds after you light it, it will get too hot to touch, chances are that the can you use has a coating on it, it will burn, burn only outside or in well ventilated areas

Step 7: Back Story

This started out as a mist vortex in a soda can. It was cut the same way, and had a computer fan on top with the minimum amount of voltage to spin slowly enough to get a small vortex going. I was using a candle under neath it to heat up glycerin to produce smoke. the glycerin caught fire and it made a fire vortex but it melted the fan and kept burning in a vortex till the soda can melted. I got a bigger tomato sauce can and made the instructable. It works because the fire requires oxygen and sucks it in through the sits and comes in at an angle. Be sure to vote for me in t he metal contest!!

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