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Registered contestant: Rachel Degani. Born February 7, 1987

The Dream
Start a new business where people can:
• Learn to spin poi, staff, hoop, and various other props
• Gain independence from the boring norm through personal exploration
• Connect with enthusiastic, creative people from all walks of life
• Have a home away from home (that’s always stalked with coffee, food, beer, and entertainment)

The Future
• Best performers converge as a traveling troupe
• Once students reach the professional level, book them at music festivals, weddings, and parties

The Extra Benefits
• Fun, active, self expression
• Gain marketable skills
• Heightens coordination, agility, and like with any physical activity: amplifies your brain functionality as a result of the increased oxygen
  and blood flow.
• Builds characters through a mixture of dance, martial arts, and circus performance

Our Qualifications
• Marissa has been spinning fire for 6 years and Rachel sped through the
  learning process in only 1 year
• We are both connected in the fire spinning community
• Rachel has been teaching for 10 years so can assist instructors in communicating with students
• Marissa taught for 3 years and completed her masters in education
• Both of us have worked in the service industry
• We already have instructors ready and willing to work

Money, money, money, money
• Build a user friendly website
• Obtain a suitable building for lessons and performances
• Set up a coffee bar and beer bar
     o Buy equipment for coffee bar
     o Books, games, music
• Install mirrors
• Fire and various other insurances
• Buy props/materials
     o Poi, hoops, staffs, etc
• Create merchandise
• Pay for kick off event
• Get business license
• Patent name
• Get fire insurance
• Beer and wine license
• Marketing



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This should have at least been a finalist. A real plan to start up an amazing business that involves the community. Instead, there were some real questionable people who became finalists, and who knows what they'll actually do with the money.