FireLine Spindle



This spindle is made to hold a roll of Fireline for easy unwinding or use. I use the Fireline for making jewelry and don't want to spend a lot of time taking the line off the roll.
Aluminum can, rinsed
marbles, rocks, beans, or other weighting material
a pen
an awl or something sharp and pointy to poke a hole in the can bottom

Cut the can in half, cutting away any sharp slivers. Wipe out any remaining moisture from the inside being careful not to cut yourself. Put tape over the drinking hole on both inside and out. This is the bottom of the spindle. Put marbles, or weighting material in this portion of the can. On the other half, poke a hole in the middle and work it till it's big enough to fit the pen. Put 4 creases in the cut side of the can to aid in fitting it into the bottom. Now put the two pieces of can together, put the pen in the center, and place your roll of Fireline on the pen. Viola! One Fireline spindle.



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