Fireable F22 Raptor

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This plane flies very well and can be shot!!

Step 1: You Will Need

Lolly (Popsicle) sticks (or more cardboard)
Elastic bands
Blu tack

Step 2: Main Body

First cut out an f22 raptor shape from some a4 paper then cut around that, and cut the shape out of cardboard.

Now cut out the body-shaped cross section-from Popsicle sticks stuck together (or use cardboard). Stick this down. I used hot glue.

Now cut out two fins to go at the back on the top. When you stick them down, be sure that they have the same angle.

Step 3: Underside

Take a Popsicle stick (preferably large) (or cardboard) and cut and stickshown in the picture.

If you like, you can take some dowel and stick it from the underside body section to the nose.

I added a fun snap (banger) compartment zone under the nose, so when the plane lands, there will be a loud, small explosion.

Step 4: Finishing Touches/Tips

Add a suitable amount of blu tack on the front

Stick elevators on the back of the wings from cardboard, or a Popsicle stick.

Keep the wings folded up slightly.
If plane won't fly straight, adjust elevators, or make one side slightly heavier or less heavy.

Be neat.

Use lots of glue, so it stays strong.

Step 5: Launcher

Join three elastic bands together. Stick one end to a popsicle stick (or more cardboard) then the other. Stick another stick or piece of cardboard the same size on top. Done!

Step 6: How to Fire

Hold the launcher. Fit the elastic band inside that notch bit under the plane. Pull back. Lift the nose up. FIRE!!!



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