Firecracker Prank

Introduction: Firecracker Prank

This is a simple pressure switch toy that when activated causes a fire cracker to go off. Before I begin I am not responsible for any injuries and warn that this prank should be used with extreme caution for the well being of everyone.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Tools needed:

  • Soldering iron
  • Pipe cutter of scissors

Supplies needed:

  • Match box
  • Coin cell battery and holder (3v)
  • Wire
  • Lever switch
  • On/off safety switch
  • Straw
  • Tape
  • 2 fire crackers
  • Christmas light bulb

Step 2: Build the Circuit

The circuit is very easy and consists of two series switches connected to a battery and light bulb. To build the circuit solder together the normally closed terminal (labeled nc) of the lever switch to the center terminal of the safety switch. Solder one of the other terminals on the safety switch to the positive end of the battery holder. Solder the contact terminal (labeled c) on the lever switch to the light bulb and complete the circuit by soldering the other wire of the light bulb to the negative end of the battery.

Step 3: The Firecracker

Make sure the safety switch is deactivated! This part of the step is very delicate and requires that no open flame is near it. The firecracker assembly portion is rather complicated. Take an old Christmas light bulb and brake of the glass with a pipe cutter or scissors while trying to avoid breaking the filament in the light bulb. Take a straw and slide it on a firecracker. Brake open the other firecracker and pour a little of the powder in the straw. Finally take the light bulb and put it in the straw being aware of the filament. Make sure to leave a lot of air in the straw for the combustion then seal it up with tape

Step 4: Nice Job

Good job on completing this little prank. Again I warn of the damages this can cause and warn people of the dangers of fireworks. I am not responsible for any damages to property or person. To use turn off the safety switch( this should be off for most of the time) place a heavy object of the lever switch so it activates. Turn on the safety switch and see what happens when the object is knocked off the switch make sure to run! Now enjoy your new toy!

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