Fireplace Mantel Expansion for Your Tv

Introduction: Fireplace Mantel Expansion for Your Tv

Most fireplace mantels are average 6 inches deep. Most tv bases are 10 inches which leaves a easy way for your tv to practice Bungee jumping without the cord.
Wall mounting requires finding studs and drilling holes through heat shield sitting behind the sheetrock.
An easy way to get around it for cheap.. Extend the mantel so that it's 12 inches deep and able to hold that big 70" tv.

Step 1: Get the Materials

In my case the fireplace mantel was 63 inches wide, so I selected a inexpensive piece of poplar that measured 1 x 12 x 6.
You will also need at least 6 wood screws, paint and of course your tools (drill, hammer, etc...)

Step 2: Create a Hole for the Wiring.

I used a chisel to create a hole for the cable management kit. You can use a jigsaw to do this or a coping saw, but what ever tickles your fancy make that hole as close to the size of the cable management trunking so that the fit is precise.

Step 3: Screw the Shelf Down

I used six screws... Nothing special in this step.

Step 4: Paint and Begin Wiring

I used paint and primer mix to quickly paint it to match the mantel color. While the paint was drying which was very quick I began to get the trunking in place. I would highly suggest you run your wires in place before you start to secure the trunking in place. It makes it easier to place the elbows in place.

Step 5: Complete the Wiring

Continue to install all your wiring needed in my case it was power, hdmi, and audio wires for my soundbar which connects to my sub.

Step 6: Get That Tv Up There and Decorate

The most awesome step is getting the tv up and plugging it all in.
In all the whole thing cost me about 80 bucks. Cheaper than mounting and way less hassles.

Thanks for looking.

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    2 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Love this guide. Wasn't able to remove my mantle because we're renting, but I could add on a plank with some finishing nails. This article was super helpful, thanks!


    4 years ago

    the solution works but it's not the most attractive one. If you can remove the mantel off the wall, I would add depth rather than a board on top. The board messes up the proportions of the molding on the mantel, and will always look off