In this instructable you can easily fire proof almost anything.

Several people die every year due to rummaging fires in urban land that are caused due to several tragic short circuits, electric failures that cannot be extinguished by water, as water is a good conductor of electricity. In some cases the other the other common extinguisher, sand, is sparsely available. Hence we came up with the iidea of using ash to coat objects that are prone to catching fire in order to eliminate the probabilities of such an event. Many buildings instantly catch fire when exposed to a flame or a burning object. To prevent this from occurring we thought of using ash, a non-combustible substance, in a mix with paint and then coat the walls of the buildings as well the walls of your house with this newly obtained mixture.

My friends and I from did this experiment.

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Step 1: ​Requirements:

  1. Match-sticks
  2. Metal vessel
  3. Blocks of Wood
  4. Cans of Paint
  5. Oil

Step 2: ​Procedure:

  1. Collect one block of wood in a vessel
  2. Light a match and set fire to the collected wood
  3. Let the wood burnout and collect the ashMix the ash and paint in a ratio of 50-50
  4. Coat 1 block of wood with this newly obtained mixture.
  5. Coat the other block of wood with paint only
  6. Expose both the coated blocks to a flame after the blocks dry
  7. The block coated with the ash mixture should not burn

Step 3: Safety Precautions Taken While Using Fire As an Element of Our Project:

  • We only experimented using fire while wearing protective eyewear to prevent any damage to our eyes.
  • We conducted all of our experiments in open, outdoor spaces to minimize the risks of an object catching fire.
  • While experimenting, we always maintained an abundant supply of water and sand to extinguish a growing fire that might have gone out of control.
  • We kept our bodies at about a 2 feet distance from the flames and only used our hands to conduct the experiment.
  • We only conducted our experiments on concrete or stone flooring and not over grass, which can easily catch fire.
  • Our experiments were only conducted in the absence of wind, which can help in both the extinguishing and spreading of fire



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