Firestarter (my Version)

it's my first instructable, hope you like
Sorry to my English...

My version of firestarter, after much research here, i make this firestarter.

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Step 1: Making the Firestarter


Egg box
old candles (for cut and melt)
steel wool (optional)


1 - cut the candle in a pieces of  0,8 (in) +  -
   1.1 - put the little candle in egg box

2 - fill of sawdust

3 - put enough melted candles

4 - put a thin layer of steel wool (optional)

5 - wait (for a dry)

6 - fold the egg box


Step 2: Fire in the Hole!!

Around 14 minutes with fire!!

Step 3: Making...

1-in the egg box, put the candles;
2-complete with sawdust
3-put a lot of melted candle in sawdust
4-put a thin layer of steel wool
5-fold the sides of egg box...
6-wait (to dry)


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