How to Make Firesticks

Introduction: How to Make Firesticks

I wanted a compact way of having a fire starter helper. Damp or wet wood is a lot harder to get started. With these Fire Sticks, you will be able to use the fire from these sticks to dry out your wood so that it can then be used to build a larger fire.

Step 1: Collect These Items

Burning Candle
Wooden Skewer
3 Cotton Balls
1 Thick Strong Straw (Wendy's )

Step 2: Close One End

Spin your straw about 2 inches above the flame of the candle flame. Let the heat, not the flame, begin to melt one end of the straw. Quickly take your pliers and crimp the end of the straw. I usually do this step a few times to make sure I get a very good seal.

Step 3: Unroll the 3 Cotton Balls

Find the end of the cotton ball or push the center of the ball out to get this started. Once unrolled, pull or stretch the cotton about 1/4 inch every inch. The idea here is to thin our the thickness of the cotton strip. Another option is to pull apart the roll every inch for preparation for the next step.

Step 4: Fill the Straw

Take the skewer and dip the flat end into the vaseline and get snuff a pea size amount on the tip. Take end of the cotton roll and use the tip of the skewer to start pushing the cotton into the straw. Push about an inch into the straw and then redip the skewer into the vaseline and push in the next inch of the roll. After each roll, or piece, pack the cotton to the bottom of the straw as tightly as possible. Note: Depending on the straw that you are using, you should be able to fit 3 cotton balls per straw. Also, leave at least 1/2 inch empty in the straw.

Step 5: Close the End of the Straw

Follow the same steps as before to close the end of the straw. Take a little time to clean the end of the straw of vaseline before melting.

Step 6: Final Step

Each straw will provide 3 fire straws. Simply cut about 1/3 of the straw off, pull out a little cotton. Stick the closed end into the ground or at least upright. Light the open end of the stick and then start laying your kenneling around the flame.
You should also seal the open end of the unused portion of your straw for future use.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hey found you off TSP.. Another good DIY fire starter is put an empty egg carton (paper) in your laundry room. Fill the egg holders with lint. When it's full soak the lint with wax.. Let it harden the. Add a little more wax. After it dries cut them into individual pieces and use them to start a fire!


    6 years ago

    Has anyone got to try this yet?