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I bought  an old cheap Firetruck directly from an Fire Department. It was not longer used and older than 40years! I removed all the things don´t needed any longer and created an useful interior for festivals and camping... if you have any questions, feel free to ask. please excuse when i used some inadequately word, my English is not really good, but i will try my best! at the moment i spend my summer-holidays at the coast of the baltic ocean using this car... so it may take i while that i can react on your comments because i have not everywhere an internet connection.

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    Have you invested in your own truck?

    I think it's a work of art!

    I think we all should just admire, or not admire the work, I just wasted 10 min reading all the comments about the language used. Are we really here to have a go at people about there foul language, I think not, grow up, and get over it, I know I am here to learn about stuff, how to make it to fix it, to improve it etc. So tempted to use drop the "F" bomb in this post, just to see who bites.

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    Simply awesome!

    This is brilliant! I'm currently working on a stepvan conversion and find builds like yours very enlightening! Thanks for sharing

    I really enjoyed watching this, It's a remarkable and Beautiful work!! I hope to make one of this for me one day!

    I saw a former firetruck of the same model at a Home Depot in San Jose California last year. Paint was more faded though. Amazing what you've done with this one!

    Awesome idea! Love the design, does it draw a lot of attention when you are out on your trips?
    I have been looking to do something simmilar only using it to also support my traveling to craft shows to sell my jewelry. Do you think this could be set up to include a small solidering & casting station as well?

    All hail the Mothership! Beautiful Job. Keep up the good work! You could design a swarm of stealth minivans that could be used for short duration camping trips and then return to the Mothership for refueling. AWESOME!

    Seriously? You're holding a vote in a contest hostage for your own "morality"? I usually don't bother voting for these things, but I did just to balance out your silliness.

    As to the other replies, anything along the lines of "think of the children" is ALWAYS a trap to enforce mythical viewpoints on how society should work.

    It's not my own morality. I grew up in a Navy household and can out curse anyone but another sailor. No need for it in this application. It's basic civility.

    dont you serve to uphold anothers right to free speech ? if so back off and support his speech even if it doesnt agree with your own point of view squid

    Perhaps you don't realize the irony in you criticizing people for not supporting free speech because it's not what you believe they should say. I thought I would take a moment to point that out. The whole point behind it is that anyone can say anything that they want - and more importantly - disagree with what anyone else has to say. The addition of the pejorative "squid" was an extra special touch. Thank you for your time and comments.

    Nothing like berating policies that historically result in more civil society while promoting your own nebulous emotionally governed policies that have historically always resulted in needless societal upheval.