Firewood Bundle Machine




Introduction: Firewood Bundle Machine

If you do some gardening you often have lot of branches.

The purpose of this "machine" is to press them into firewood bundles.

You will be amazed at the weight or the bundles .. so much branches in a so small bundle !

You can then use the bundles to start some wood fire in the winter .. as in the old days !

And if you want to control your fire automatically check out my firewood regulator project :

Step 1: The "machine"

What you need :

  • 12 squared wooden poles 68x68 mm 180 cm length or equivalent
  • wood glue
  • Long stainless screws (10 cm or so)
  • Two iron chains 1.5 m long

Cut 8 poles at 145 cm and keep the 35 cm ends.

Assemble all as showed on the plan. Keep two 180 cm poles for the base.

Add a chain between 1rst and 2nd poles, and between 3rd and 4th poles.

Fix the chain on one side (the same for each poles) with some hooks and make one or two turns around the poles .. or the chain will come off when you press the branches.

I works in a similar way as the old machine you can see on the drawing.

Step 2: Fill Branches

  1. Fill the bundle machine with all kind of branches .. you can fill up to the top if it is only small branches that compress quite well. Put less if the branches are bigger.
  2. Pass the chain below the branches

Step 3: Press the Branches

Use two iron poles and pass them inside the chain loops and on top of the branches.

Turn several times, until you cannot press more. (you have to slip the iron poles after one turn to turn again on the other side.

Block the iron poles to the lower board or to one of the poles.

Be careful to fix it properly because it could come off and hurt you.

Step 4: Link the Bundles

Link the bundles with solid ropes.

Make 4 links : one at the outside left, one at the outside right, and two between the 2nd and 3rd poles.

I recommend you to learn how to do self blocking "tarbuck" knots.

Cut on both sides left and right and also between the 2nd and 3rd poles with a chain saw.

Step 5: That's It !

You have your first firewood bundles !

Take them in hand .. you will be amazed at the weight !!

So much branches in a so small bundle

Step 6: Bonus

I also built another tool to cut 1 meter wooden logs in two ..

A complementary efficient tool to the bundle machine.

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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I made it! thanks for sharing this! I made mine out of 2x4s 3 feet wide 4 feet tall and 16 inches in between now I have to put it to work. 7 2x4s and a few scraps for cross support.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Great .. it's a pleasure to share with other makers !-)


    2 years ago

    very nice. I could use some of those branches. I like making walking sticks.


    2 years ago

    Great idea! A nice one for the bucket list. Thanks.


    2 years ago

    That's awesome. My former neighborhood required all sticks to be bundled for recycling and it was a task that I really didn't enjoy. This contraption would have definitely been helpful. Thanks for sharing!