Firewood Rack Made Simple




I love this thing! I bet I can get if not a full rick or wood close to it!

Step 1: EWWW This Thing Is Ugly

Starting to rust and get sorta wobbly. I could have tightened it up again but I decided to go ahead and spend a little money on replacing this old thing. I have had it for 7 years at the least and I figured someone else could use it for something instead. The concept of the rack is great but I have a better one now.

Step 2: It Was a Little Too Long

All you need are the following:

2 - 2x4x10 (cut into 4 equal pieces; 2 per 2x4x10)

2 - Flower garden lumber (the wood that goes around flower beds) 5' long

2 - cement blocks

***I originally kept the flower bed lumber at the length I bought it but 8' was too long

Step 3: FINAL Project Complete

Now just to stack the wood and get more wood! This thing holds a lot more than my original one. I stained the wood with a stain that had a protective coat build into it as well so it will last even longer. The good thing about wood is you can pressure wash it and restain and it extends the life of the project!

Metal is for welders :)



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1 year ago

this one has more detailed instructions:


2 years ago

Hmmm... intriguing concept. But, I think your 2x4's will warp over time. Perhaps change to 4x4's? Not the best concept if you have more than one Rick... as you will have dead space between. Thanks for sharing... might recommend to some of my firewood customers. How about showing a pict with it full?

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