Firework Starter

here all the things you are gonna need
•two wires from a small 4 dollar indoor extension cord
•a power strip
•a extension with multiple outlets
•a knife
•duct tape

Step 1: Step 1

cut the extension cored part off of the cords and strip the wires

Step 2: Step 2

get a glass bottle and make it into a stand for the firework

Step 3: Step 3

hook up the power box to your regular extension cord then plug the other two extension cords in

Step 4: Step 4

make the wires touch but have the power box off and tape it to the bottle

Step 5: Step 5

put your fire work into the wires set it outside and flip the power box it'll arc and light the fire work



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    5 Discussions

    DubL A

    1 year ago

    Wow , this is such a horrible idea. I hope NO one try's this . This is so dangerous , and should never be tried ! This can kill someone !


    2 years ago

    This is NOT a safe method. I do NOT recommend this.


    2 years ago

    Super dangerous... At this point you mind as well use a lighter... :/


    2 years ago

    A MUCH more effective and safer method is to take a small (about 1-2cm long) piece of pencil graphite, standard pencil is best, but if you don't want to take apart a wooden pencil, you can use mechanical pencil graphite (mech. lead may need replacing after every use,) wrap the stripped ends of two wires, salvaged from wherever, around the ends of your graphite, touch the graphite to the fuse, go to the other end of the wire, and hook up a 9v battery. That simple. No risk of potentially deadly 120v AC electrocution, no risk of throwing your circuit breakers, totally portable.

    If you don't mind burning plastic, you can tape the fuse to the graphite for a more reliable ignition. You may also tape the wires to the graphite, but again this is likely to burn and will need to be re-taped. If you happen to have nichrome, kanthal, or some other type of (relatively high) resistance wire on hand, replacing the graphite with this would greatly increase durability. I would give more detailed instructions for a better version, but then I might as well make a whole instructable, which someone has probably already made.


    2 years ago

    using AC current in this way is extremely dangerous, you have both a fire and shock hazard. Worst of all you don't even adress this issue