Fireworks Nails!

Introduction: Fireworks Nails!

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I thought as it is bonfire night on Monday 5th November I would do some themed nails!
I came up with Firework nails as fireworks are very popular!
You need quite alot of nail polishes do do this design but it's worth it!

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Step 1: You Will Need:

A clear coat
A glittery top coat
Any other bright colours of your choice!
I chose
But there is more below!

Step 2: Basecoat

Paint your nails with a clear basecoat to prevent the colours form staining your nails!

Step 3: Black

Paint your nails black once the clear has dried!
This is your dark sky background!

Step 4: 1st Colour!

I picked pink for my first colour!
Just stripe it onto your nail the thickness of the brush outwards like a part of a firework!

Step 5: 2nd Colour!

My 2nd colour was orange (for 2 nails) and i used green for two nails! again just paint it on but REMEMBER TO LEAVE A GAP IN THE MIDDLE!
You will find out why later!

Step 6: Middle Boom!

Choose a bright yellow colour and blob it right in the middle! It makes it look like it is exploding!

Step 7: Edges

Add a deep colour: e.g purple, blue aound the edges and 'fill in' around the bit that look a bit blank!
Remember to leave Some black though!

Step 8: Glitter Top Coat

Yay glitter!
Add a thin coat of a special glitter top coat to finish!
Concentrate it on the colured part but it looks cool if you get some on the black too! :)

Step 9: You're Done!

Ta da! all done!
Hoped you like this instructable!
Comments & following are brilliant! Thanks!!!

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