Fireworks Cannon

Introduction: Fireworks Cannon

If you want to launch your fireworks in a unique way this is for you!

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Step 1: Materials

What you will need for this project:
A Block of wood (It doesnt really matter what size)
A metal tube (make sure it can be drilled through, mine was an old airsoft barrel)

A drill
drillbits(must be slightly larger than your metal tube, and a small one thats about the size of a fuse)

Step 2: How to Build It

1.Drill a hole about 1/3 the length of your tube through the end of the wood try to get it as close to the middle as you can, use the drill bit slightly larger than your metal tube.
2. Insert the tube and make sure it fits snugly, if it is lose add some tape until its snug.
3. find where the end of the tube hits the wood and drill with a small bit about 3 cm up from the end of the tube
4. Drill all the way through the wood and through the top of the tube.

Step 3: How to Load

I used crackle balls but you can use whatever you can get to work.
1. put the wick through the small hole on the top of the wood.
2. put the crackle balls through the end of the tube
3. light and move away

I am not responsible for anyone who gets hurt firing this. You are building this under your own consent. This device is dangerous and should be used under close adult supervision only. BE CAREFUL!

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    6 years ago

    much more fun if you load BBs into end and shoot at stuff