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Introduction: Romance in a Bag

About: I am married with two children. Spring, summer, and fall are my very favorite times of the year. I enjoy working in the yard, sewing, cooking, quilting, gardening, and creating. I do this to keep my sanity.

Planning a date with our loved ones ( for special occasions) can sometimes be a disappointing experience for both parties. Sometimes unexpected things happen that are beyond our control.  This Instructable will show you how to prepare for those unexpected situations and turn an unexpected disappointment into a romantic adventure.  This kit will contain everything you need for a date at the last minute. It is inexpensive,  but totally romantic!  In my opinion most women appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the gift and not so much the gift itself.   Lets get started!

Step 1: The Kit

The kit contains dishes,  table cloth, candles, table decorations, non perishable food and drinks, gifts, cards,  as well as games to play.  It also contains things to make if you forget to add something you meant to bring for the appropriate occasion.  You may add fresh fruit or a lunch if you have the time. 

Step 2: Scouting for the Perfect Spot

Take a day and drive around to find unique out of the way places to have a romantic picnic.  It would be great to find a well lit area if you will be going out in the evening.  A nice sunset view? 

Step 3: Ready Made Supplies

Ready made supplies that you will need for future dates. 

1 Large bag or box.
1 Wrapped gift.  Three or 4 would be better so you have a surplus.
1 Gift card. A package of home made or bought would be best so you have plenty just in case.
Several small sheets of gift wrap.
Scissors to wrap the gift.
1 Ink pen to sign the gift card.
1 Neck Tie for the occasion.
1 Lighter to light the candles.
Several candles, real and battery operated.
1 small sheet of folded tin foil to wrap the napkin holders with for the tableware.
1 Empty cardboard paper towel roll. To make a napkin holder for the silverware.
1 roll of scotch Tape for making napkin holder or just in case you need it.
1 Dry erase marker for playing hangman on the opposite side of the tic tac toe game.
1 Blind fold to surprise your date.
1 Deck of cards.
1 Zip lock bag for the game.
1 Silk rose.
1 vase or tall neck bottle.
Painted rocks optional.
1 Small box of Sweet tarts for the game or use glass stones.
1 Small package of kisses or Life savers for the game.
Brown lunch sacks.


Newspaper to wrap breakable items in for safe keeping.
2 Glass plates.
2 Glass wine glasses.
2 Sets of silver ware.
1 Sharp knife.
1 Cork screw if you need one.
1 Table cloth that you made or bought.  Instructions are here for a sew and no sew version.
2 Cloth napkins.
2 Napkin holders made from  paper towel roll, marker pen, tape,  and tin foil.
Several bar towels to clean the table.
1 Bottle hand sanitizer.
1 Wash cloth.

Food and Drinks:

1 Large bottle of water.
Hershey kisses or Life savers for game.
Heart candy for game.
Velveta cheese.
Condiments if you are bringing take out.
Sparkling cider or preferred drink.
Container for ice.
Snack pudding and non perishable food items.  

Things to pick up before your date if you have time:

Fresh flowers or rose petals.
Lime or lemon for garnish on glasses or plate.
Pack a lunch.

Things to make Table cloth and napkins:

I will show you 2 versions on how to make napkins and a table cloth.
One is made with a sewing machine, thread, scissors, fabric, ironing board, iron,  or you can sew by hand using a needle and thread OR
A sample of how one is made with an iron, ironing board, fabric, thread, iron on fusing tape.
The purpose of making your own is you can personalize it for the occasion and it will impress your receiver!  She will love it, trust me! 

Step 4: Flowers

Just in case your on a budget, I live in a small town and I have a favorite florist.  I went by and bought a small item and asked if they wouldn't mind giving  me a small bag of flower pieces that they were throwing out.  I got 2 large bags of rose petals.  This was right after Valentine's Day.  So this is something you might do.  Purchase 1 long stem rose and pop the question.  Go in about 1 hour before closing.  They may give you some if you bat your eyes and smile big. You do not want to store the petals in a plastic bag.  Store them in a paper bag and keep them cool. You might consider giving your Valentine a 5 star treatment with a rose petal turn down.  The rose petals are great to add to bath water as well. You can use the silk flower if you don't manage to get to the florist. Remember the ice!

Step 5: Home Made Table Cloth and Napkins

Determine the size you want.  I made mine 45" X 45" 1 from decorator fabric and one from lining
This makes a reversible table cloth.  You could use a Christmas print on one side and a Valentine's print on the other side .
Wash, dry, and iron fabric before sewing.
Cut fabric.
Place the right sides together and line up the 2 pieces. 
Pin both fabrics together if you need to keep them secure.
Sew around all 4 sides using a 1/2 " seam allowance and leave an opening about 10 inches to turn the table cloth right side out.
Turn the tablecloth right side out.
Using the point of the scissors and a sewing pin carefully poke the points outward. 
Machine stitch all the way around again for a nice finished hem.

Use the no sew method:
Follow the above directions up to the sewing part then:

Using the hemming tape place the tape between the 2 fabrics and pin into place.
Then iron according to the directions on the tape.
Turn the table cloth right side out and poke out the points with the scissor points. 

You make the napkins the same way except of course you make them much smaller. 

A good size napkin is: 18" X 18".

Step 6: Napkin Holders

Supplies and method.

1 Small sheet of Tin Foil.
1 Empty paper towel roll.


Cut the paper towel roll the size of a napkin holder.
Cut a strip of the tin foil double the width and  and slightly  longer than the cardboard napkin holder length .
Fold it in so there are no sharp edges.
Place it over the napkin holder and turn in the sides.
Tape the ends together.
Write or draw on the napkin holder.

Step 7: Game Supplies and Method

Tic Tac Toe board supplies: 

1 Small box of Sweetheart and Hershey's candy are the game pieces. You can substitute Life Savors for one of them.
1 Large Zip Lock Bag.
1 Sheet of decorated paper the size of the Zip Lock Bag.
Straight edge.

Cut the decorative paper to fit inside the Zip lock bag.
Using a marker and the straight edge mark the Tic Tac Toe lines.
Place the Paper in the Zip lock bag and close.

1 Deck of playing cards.

Step 8: Load Everything in the Bag

Place everything in the bag and you are set for your next date. 
The pillow and blanket can be used to lie in the back of a pick up and view the stars.
The blanket will keep you warm if it is cold out.
Place the bag, pillow, and blanket in the trunk of your car or somewhere convenient.
The bar towel is for cleaning the table as you can see.
Now you are prepared for the unexpected!

Step 9: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

It did not take very long to put this kit together.  I have already done all the hard work for you.  You can make up the table cloth ,napkins, napkin holders, and games ahead.  Then just replenish the bag as you use the items. I think it would be great to make a home made gift for every celebrated holiday and wrap them ahead.  But if you did not get a chance to wrap the gift ahead you can wrap the gift and set the table while your date is blind folded.  We had a blast setting up for the big day!
Thanks for stopping by and do have some romantic dates very soon!

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    Thanks for sharing canucksgirl! Hope your day was great!


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    Oh Sis, what a wonderful idea. Some lucky man would really appreciate this gift.


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    Yes, or woman! We enjoyed the event! Thanks for commenting and have a nice day!


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    I think this is your best Ible yet!!!

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