First Layer

Introduction: First Layer

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Project Overview:

The main layer of the shell is going to be made of several objects that vary in size shape and color.

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Step 1: Making the First Layer

The main layer of the shell is going to be made of several objects. These objects should vary in size, shape, and color. All of the objects should fit inside of the wheel that is already on the workplane. The wheel is a guide that will also help with dividing the space and with symmetry. The image shows how the main layer can affect the final result.


  1. Pick a basic shape from the menu and place two in the wheel. Make sure they sit one of the bars inside the wheel. Scale both of the shapes up so they fill the wheel as much as possible. They should also overlaps lightly near the wheel center.
  2. Create another shape to fill the space created by the objects placed in step 1 and the wheel. Copy, rotate, and/or mirror this object.
  3. When adding or copying objects inside the wheel, Use the colored bars inside the wheel to help create balance.
  4. The image shows an example of good balance in color, weight(mass), and radial symmetry.
  5. Choose different lines of symmetry to mirror from.
  6. Use the Workplane Tool to add a few details.
  7. The details don't have to be symmetrical.
  8. Continue to the next lesson.

In the next lesson you will learn how to make repeating patterns!

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