First Hacks With Sugru

First repaired exposed and weak parts of my headphones, they're Denon brand and sound great, but over the years the rubber is cracking up.

Then I added some grips to my Dremel, which comes stock as hard slippery plastic grips, so they got covered in sugru and feel great now!

Used the remaining white sugru to silence a car key, used a comb for texture.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    i wish i had surgu when my ds's hinge broke then the cat hit it and it wouldnt turn on :(


    Excellent! I didn't think of using sugru. A while back I needed a 90 deg connector for a DVD player my kids use in the car. I couldn't find what I needed in a ready made adapter. So I carved away the plastic surrounding the plug. I carefully bent the wires and such the way I needed it. I created a mold in two blocks of delrin plastic. Then I mixed up some epoxy and sandwiched it all together. After the epoxy setup I removed the delrin blocks. My version was kind of hard and sharp. Your sugru version would be so much better. I would still use the mold though to avoid the playdough look.

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