First Instructable:) Off Grid Beauty-Security-Emergency Lighting-With Junk & Creativity




Bear with me its 2am here in Hawaii and im trying to put this together before the deadline for the contest thing tomorrow lol  Check back, I'll be adding many many details lol

The old halogen system was left to rot due to high costs to power and maintain the system. 
83 fixtures
20w each
1660w for 11 hours a day running from 7 at night till 6am
605900 watts per year
Like running a couple microwaves for 11 hours a day cooking, imagine how much electricity that takes lol

Not to mention 8 seperate transformers running on timers. One switch controls the entire system, and it will be on a remote when finished.

Total cost to operate,  $0.00

This is the best I could scrounge up in the few hours ive had, I just found out about that contest tonight lol and this project fits right in.  This site is all about inspiring and sharing, I hope i can contribute:)



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