First Project-wooden Knuckle Homemade

Introduction: First Project-wooden Knuckle Homemade

my workbench:

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Step 1: Choose a Wood

Step 2: Drawing

Step 3: Cut Out

Step 4: Dig a Hole

Step 5: Ream

Step 6: Smooth Working

Step 7: Finish

is not good,I hope for better future

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    7 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Another issue with this ible, is that you show a bench grinder being used on wood. One of the first things I was told many years ago as an apprentice was never use a grinder on wood, the wood fibres clog the wheel which in turn cause it to get hot and it can explode so unless you enjoy serious facial injuries I suggest you use the correct tools for the job, Such as a belt sander.

    I would also be concerned with my hand and using this thing. If it didn't break a knuckle like madmedic22 says, then the force of a punch is getting fed in to something around 1 sq inch in your hand. So maybe a broken bone in your hand? I would think brass knuckles would be far superior in dispersing the forces of a punch


    5 years ago

    Thats a weapon. And if used, all it will do is break/dislocate your finger in a very painful manner. Needs a different design to even come close to being feasable.


    Reply 5 years ago

    It likely would not break a knuckle, or any other finger bone. the back of it should be designed to be braced by the inside of the fist, therefore protecting the finger. Look at brass knuckles, they're similar. FYI for anyone in the USA, this would likely be illegal to possess outside of the home, and certainly illegal to use it against a person.


    Umm, this is a weapon, is it not? I thought at first it might be something obscure like a deadeye (a ships rigging device), but now I dunno.