FirstFly - Hand Noise Sounds

Introduction: FirstFly - Hand Noise Sounds

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It's a glove with a mini-LDR on the fingertips that are connected to a circuit and an amplifier. Different sounds are produced acording to hands and fingers movements due to light incidence on mini-LDR sensor. More light produce higher pitch sounds, less light produce lower pitch sounds.
So -FistFly- is a fun to play instrument because it is a mix of sound and physical performance.

* FirstFly connected to guitar pedals. LIVE software and PURE DATA software can increase the sound performance.

Step 1:

- Schematic drawing FirstFly circuit -


40106 IC (integrated circuit) - 1 unit

LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) - 5 unit

Resistor 10k - 5 unit

Capacitor 100nF - 5 unit

Mini Breadboard or Perma-Proto - 1 unit

1 4" Mono Female Input Jack Socket Plug - 1 unit

Mini switch ON/OFF - 1 unit

Connector for battery 9V - 1 unit

Unshielded twisted pair cable with five pairs - 1m

Step 2:

One Glove knitted with cotton yarn to facilitate the passage of
Unshielded twisted pair cable with five pairs until your fingertips
that will connect the mini-LDR.

Step 3:

Plastic, wooden or MDF box to encase control circuits.
Suggested dimensions 10x10x5 cm.

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