Intro: Firestarter

For those of you that somtimes have trouble starting fires... this is for you!!! Using common houshold materials...

Step 1: Get the Materials and Tools.


- 1 Hot glue stick

-1 paper towel tube or toilet paper tube

-1 shoe box or cardboard paper stuff (Will be cut)


-Hot glue gun

-Razor blade/craft knife

Step 2: Prepare the Tube.

First thing you want to do:

Cut the paper towel tube about 3 inches long. (If you are using a TP tube, you don't have to do this.)

Cut a square piece of a shoebox (or cardboard paper stuff) and glue it to the tube.

RIP the extra cardboard off.

Step 3: Stuff Your Tube.

Fill your tube with paper, paper towels, napkins, shredded paper, etc.

Glue ANOTHER cardboard cap on.

Step 4: Add a Match (optional)

Use your craft knife to cut a small hole so you can put a match in so just the head is sticking out. This will make sure you really light it. Otherwise, you're done! go enjoy your tube lit fire now.

- Just so you know, I'm only eleven and this is my first instructable. Hope you like it and PLEASE give me constructive criticism to help make this better.



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    2 years ago

    Really great idea but you could put wax inside it to waterproof it a bit