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Introduction: Fish Bowl Cake Decorating

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This is a delicious cake decorated with a very original fish bowl idea. Frosted with french vanilla icing and decorated with cream cheese mint patties (I didn't squish then so they would be round rocks). I also added and orange goldfish by just piping it on. Delicious and beautiful this cake is a sure treat and a great idea for a birthday party or a baby shower!!

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Step 1: Stack Your Layers

You could use 4 different layers and stack them but with the recipe I used (Vanilla cake recipe) I was only able to make 2 round pans so to make my cake high enough I cut the layers in half and stacked them.

Step 2: Ice Layers

Ice between all your layers. Get all the way to the edge and give each layer a generous amount of icing.

Step 3: Ice Around the Whole Cake

For my icing, I used only a biota blue food colouring so that the rocks would complement the cake and not be the same colour as the icing. I spread my icing on with a knife and smoothed it with a spatula.

Step 4: Place "Rocks"

I used a cream cheese mint recipe (Best Cream Cheese Mints) to make my "rocks". They are truly delicious. I instead of squishing them, I rolled them into different sized rocks. Also to get a a white and blue marble look I didn't fully mix in my food colouring.

Step 5: Pipe on the Fish

The fish is pretty simple. Tint your icing a bold orange and pipe a simple fish onto the side of your cake. If you wanted to you could do a whole school of fish.

Step 6: Eat!

Now that you are done this delicious cake you can eat it up. This cake is perfect for any animal lover or a baby shower for a little boy. The rocks could be any amount of colours you could even use the actual realistic candy rocks for a even more fun look. Thank you for reading my Instructable and I hope you enjoy your delicious fish bowl cake.

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