Fish Fossil



Introduction: Fish Fossil

Hi guys,
Today i will show you a project called fish fossil.
In order to make this, You will need the following materials

- Cardboard

- Milk glue

- paper

-Toilet paper

- Hot glue

Tutorial video

Ok Now let's start:

Step 1: Draw a Fish

Draw the shape of fish on a card board.
Then cut it out. Now divide it in to 3 main part. Head, body, tail. In the body, draw some parallel line, they will be your fish-bones. Once again, cut all of them apart.

Step 2: Stick the Fishbone to Cardboard

After cutting all fish parts, you have a fish skeleton. Use hot glue to stick them to cardboard in fishshape.

Step 3: Adding Layer 1

Now, we need to cover the fish bone with toilet paper layer. I use a mixture of 1 cup of milk glue with 1/2 cup of water.

Step 4: Adding Second Layer

I use paper for second layer. I will strengthen your model

Step 5: Covering

I use sawdust to color my model. Notice that you should choose the dark color dust for bone and lighter one for back ground.

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