Fish Lamp

Introduction: Fish Lamp

This is a fish lamp for the person who want to save energy, so you can use this. When there is no light, the led will turn on, but when there are some light, the led will turn off. You don’t need to worried about energy anymore. The light can help the grass in the water to photosynthesis.

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Step 1: Electric Circuit

These pictures can let you know how to connect the circuit. Remember not to connect the wring D pin and A pin.

Step 2: Program

I use the different thing to write the program. You just need to copy my action, then you will find Arduino block. The purple one that write low and high is means that let the led turn on and off. (Low: off High: on)

Step 3: Outside Looking

You need to cut a hole to let the electrical connection to connect the wire. A hole for the led light. A hole for the photo resistance.

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