Fish Lightbulb Bowl

Introduction: Fish Lightbulb Bowl

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In this instructable will be showing how to make a fishbowl out of a lightbulb.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

• lightbulb
• fish ( I bought little guppies )
• tool kit ( bare minimum needle nose pliers )
• gloves and safety goggles
• something to hold the bulb( I used top of a candle jar )
• bag ( my fishes came in a bag )

Step 2: Step: 1

First step is to remove the top of the bulb with a pair of pliers or whatever works best for you and create an opening that is big enough for the fishes. Remove the insides by breaking up the bigger glass with the pliers and gently tap them out. Wash the inside with water so dust and glass isn't in the fishes water. Make sure to wear gloves and goggles for this in case you break the bulb.

Step 3: Step: 2

After cleaning the bulb I cut the bottom of the bag and poured the fishes into the bulb with the water they came in.

Step 4: Step: 3

The final step is optional. I cut off the sharp metal around the bulb and taped medical tape and then duck-tape around it so it would be easier to get the fish to and from the bulb.

Step 5: The End.Or Is It.Yes.

Hope you enjoyed my little fishbowl project.

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Yeah I ended up moving the fish to a bigger fish bowl


    5 years ago

    +1 to pinky. Incredibly cruel to the fish.

    I was going to warn about the limited amount of water causing them to suffocate from lack of oxygen or the waste chemicals building up so quickly that they choke on their own effluent.

    Also lack of hiding spaces, be they caves or plants, will stress them.

    Replace the live fish with one of those battery operated fish tchotchkes and screw a clean base onto the globe to seal it it in.

    If you added some plant matter such as Java moss and probably an oxygen bubbler, then certain shrimp species or water snails would be happy

    Perhaps find a globe that has a different optical density to water and use several to create a scene or a chandelier in an appropriately sized tank. (Although I'm not sure what the effect the metal part would have on the water chemistry. Some fish types are very sensitive.

    Or use moss and stone inside the globe to create a miniature terrarium.

    Just anything other than live animals.

    I applaud your enjinuity, but this needs to filed in the instructible section that contains "host a Donner Dinner Party" and "build your own thermonuclear bomb"; both alarmingly easy with the contents of even the most inept handy(wo)man's tool drawer


    5 years ago

    Thank you for the effort and good first instructable. From the technical view it ia a good one. But please don't be disencouraged if I say this: Please don't keep fish like this. Maybe they will survive but it is still kind of cruel.
    Another no-go is the round space you put the fish in, the reflection of their echo drives them mad °_°.
    Better put is instructable down before other unknowing people follow it.


    Reply 5 years ago

    I so much agree with this post pls do not encourage ppl to be cruel to little fish. Convert your instructible into. Flower vase or someting.