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Introduction: Fish Skeleton Earrings

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Pump up your style with these black and gold fish skeleton earrings.  Use the attached .esp file to laser cut a pair.  All you need is acrylic, earring hooks, and jump rings to create these unique earrings.  All your friends will want a pair!!

  • 1/8" black acrylic
  • Jump rings
  • Earring hooks
  • Cut out earrings on laser cutter
  • Attach sections together with a jump ring.  Jessyratfink has a great tutorial on how to work with jump rings.
  • Attach the earring hook with a jump ring and you're all done!
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    Someone bought the "nice" jump rings. I've hand made many hundreds (it's a pain). Even though I'm a guy, I really enjoy the freedom and creativity that earings provide (though I don't wear them myself, you know?) Seeing this got me to thinking about various materials and finishes. Nice design and well done!

    No laser cutter here! I have to use my band saw and dremmel tool ! Thanks

    Thanks! My hair dresser liked them so much she offered me a free deep hair condition if I made her a pair!