Fish Tail Bracelet Rainbow Loom

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Step 1: Placing the Bands

Make an 8 almost like a cap band

Step 2:

Put a band on top of the one that u placed earlier

Step 3:

Place another band on top

Step 4: Looping

Take the very bottom band and let it loos in the middle and then do the same thing with the same band but make sure u do it on the opposite side that u just did

Step 5:

Repeat step 3 to step 4 until it's long enough for your wrist (it will start to grow out)

Step 6: Ending



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    dog lover109

    4 years ago

    Plz stop saying this ain't minecraft this Ain't minecraft IT WAS A MISTAKE

    dog lover109

    4 years ago

    Plz comment and tell me what u want me to do next


    4 years ago

    This ain't minecraft