*Fish Tail Rubber Band Bracelet!!!*

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Here you will learn to make "The Fish Tail Rubber band Bracelet!"

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Step 1: 1.)

1.) You will need rubber band's any color of your choice!!!

Step 2: 2.)

2.) You will need the S or C shaped plastic holders!!!

Step 3: 3.)

3.) You'll need a knitting loop or if you do not have a knitting loop you can use 2 pencils or even your fingers!!!

Step 4: 4.)

4.)So , you will add on a rubber band that is like an 8 or an infinity sign!

Step 5: 5.)

5.)You will then add on 2 more rubber band's of your color!

Step 6: 6.)

6.) You need a hook to start on looping it!

Step 7: 7.)

7.)You will start by pulling the 8 or infinity signed rubber band over both of the other rubber band's!

Step 8: 8.)

8.)You will add on another rubber band on the top any color of your choice!

Step 9: 9.)

9.)You will grab the rubber band at the bottom and pull it over the other rubber band's and you will keep on repeating this step until you know how long you will want it!

Step 10: 10.)

10.)After it should turn out like this!

Step 11: 11.)

11.)Add on the S or C holder to only one side and grab the other side of the rubber band and add it on to the same holder!

Step 12: 12.)

12.)And there you go ! You've made a fish tail bracelet!!! :-)

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