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Introduction: Fish Tank Dividers

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Step 1: Materials

1. Office Depot (Report coverswith sliding bar)or any report covers that have the sliding bars.
2. (Plastic mesh) I got mine at Walmart they come in 6pc. Size are 10.5 in X13.5 In. (a 15 and 10 gallon and smaller tanks works fine with these size)
3.(scissors) to cut mesh and sliding bars.
4.(Ruler) to measure your tank size.
5.( Marker pen ) know where to cut.
6. (Suction cup) optional

Step 2: Cut

Measure the inside of the tank from one side to the other side of the wall. Then cut the plastic mesh to the size you have measure. Once you have done that put the plastic colorful sliding bars wich it will make it stiff. Optional u can put the sliding bars on both sides only,but I prefer to put all 3 sides, unless u can put rocks on the bottom to hold the plastic mesh.

Step 3: Optional

As you can see I'm using the suction cups to hold the top for security so in any case it falls off the suction cups will hold it and Betta fish won't fight. If you don't want to use the report cover( sliding bars) you can use 4 suction cups to hold each corner, this suction cups must have these hooks that hold the plastic mesh.
Black Plastic mesh works better than the white one for betta fish it makes it harder for them to see eachother, but if you want to just divide Fish then white will work fine.
I did not mention price, the reason for is that you can find these stuff cheaper or free in any place. I assure you that you won't spend more than $10.



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If use this divider for a long time.i'm afraid it will be very hard to clean.i think acrylic is this best material,like the photo show.something like this:

great instructable! but how do you handle your air circulation or how do you use a filter? thanks! :)

I made one of these a few years ago. I used the Sharpie marker to mark lines on the outside of the tank for alignment of the plastic holders then used aquarium safe 100% pure silicone to attach them to the inside walls of the tank. You don't even have to be too careful with the silicone during placement as any excess can be easily and quickly removed with a single edge razor blade commonly used in window scrapers. Once done you simply clean off the marker with Isopropyl alcohol. The mesh is also an excellent material to attach various species of underwater moss. You can also use two layers of mesh with moss sandwiched in between (the moss just grows out of the holes in the mesh) which not only helps oxygenate the water but acts as biological filtration. Setups of this type also work very well with small canister filters where you can place the water pick-up at one end of the tank and the outflow at the opposite end to circulate the water equalizing temperature and improving oxygenation along the length of the tank.

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great idea about using the silicone to attach the plastic holders to the inside of the tank...makes for stability and easy insertion/removal of the dividers.

I also wanted to note that I bought poster hanging kits online and saved a lot of money over buying multiple packs of report covers. Also I preferred the black edging as it looked more professional. Each kit could make three dividers with a bit left over for other uses. I rounded each of the sharp corners from the 90 degree cuts to reduce any possible fin tearing as well.

Another note on the moss from my message above: Betta absolutely LOVE the moss. They'll lay on the outcropping branches of the moss and swim/wriggle through it. The moss really seems to improve their quality of life without causing any damage to their fins or mucus membrane.

I been looking for moss if you have a link for real moss for aquarium pls share so far I seen them fake ones with the carbon

Great idea, I built something very similar a few months ago for my freshwater "refugium" that has ram, corydoras , angelfish, and emperor tetra fry in each of the pockets, plus it is even more bariers between the fry and the return pump (my angels have learned to wait for any unlucky babies to come shooting up the return output)

Might need this. I have a snapping turtle, 3 goldfish, and a bottom feeder. I will have to try.

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Thanks! I have 2 Beta fish and this does the trick!

By the way if you see in the main pic on the left side I used the extra plastic mesh with 2 suction cups for my my female betta that can hardly swim and can rest on top. They sell the leaf with suction similar to it for $2 why buy it when u can test the left overs u have. Someone ask me how much the acrylic dividers cost and the ones that sell on stores I said more than $20 each I have not seen a cheaper one. As for acrylic some glue it which I don't want a permanent solution.

Thanks everyone, @Mulesa.. I recommend the big size suction cups each corner,since they are strong suction compare to smaller..@ mholcomb sweet I have only seen white and black plastic mesh and the soft which is like a string type. I will have to look for those color ones :) it will make my tank brighter... Thanks

This is a clever idea! The plastic mesh you used is called plastic canvas & can be found in the craft department. I use it to make my crafts. Also, it comes in many colors & it can be found in very stiff texture. This will be another good craft for me to do :)


4 years ago

very clever! I like it