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Introduction: Fish Cake

One day while browsing some scandinavian culinary sites I've encountered pictures of fish, ham&cheese and all sorts of other "not so sweet" cakes. I really liked the idea and next morning went to shop to get all the stuff needed. While i hate following recipes I bought all the ingredients that I was in the mood for at that moment. Some evening preparations and 4 hours wasted in the morning, and the cake is done. 

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    eating fish

    Hi I would like to try this! How can I get the recipe?\



    Oh, it's amazing how everyone haven't heard of this!
    It's really common in Sweden(probably somewhere else too, but that's where I live so..) and it's really yummy. It's practically just a sandwich-cake. :)

    Was it good? I've never heard of such a thing. I bet when you first start eating it your brain has to do a double take. Way cool!

    My fiance made fish pie for dinner one night. I wasn't so sure about it, but it was really good!

    This looks great, and I bet it would make a great full instructable...

    Fishy HEAVEN!! I'm not much of a big fan of canned tuna, but the rest of it, I can TOTALLY get behind. I would just sub more of the smoked salmon. MMMMmmmm!!!! Do you slice this and eat it on something crunchy, like crostini? Or do you just go at it with a Jethro spoon! NOM Nom nom! - Pj

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    I made it in a way so it could be cut into 12 even pieces with each piece containing all the ingredients except of salmon (my sister doesnt like it). For my surprise it didn't break while i was cutting.


    If you are interested in a recipe, they are called Smörgåstårta and a common Swedish dish (there are a lot of recipes online). My Swedish aunt used to make them and they are amazing!

    its a layerd cake with canned tuna mixed with pickles mayonaise and tomato souse + cod liver with finely chopped onions, while on top I've used mascarpone, red caviar, smoked salmon, cocktail shrimp, avocado, fresh basil and black olives for decoration