Fish-eye Lens Effect for Phone Camera

1. Unscrew the "business end" from a low-cost door security viewing lens.

2. Fix it (temporarily) over the lens in your phone camera. Luckily mine was a snug push-fit into the rubber case, but Blu-Tack® or similar would have done the job just as well.

3. Have fun making pictures.

I like the blurred reflections from the shiny brass tube, but that's purely a matter of personal taste, so if these bother you, simply cover the inside with a roll of thin, matt-black paper.



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    If you grind or cut the threaded tube down to a few mm, you'd get a larger wide angle picture that you wouldn't have to crop and you'd reduce or eliminate the effect of the tube.

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    You're right, thank you. I had to replace the original door viewer but your comment has made decide to buy another one and remove its barrel.