Fish Tale Rainbow Loom

Introduction: Fish Tale Rainbow Loom

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Step 1:

You take a rubber band and twist it to look like a figure eight and put one end on one peg and the other on another

Step 2:

Put 2rubber bands over the figure eight band

Step 3:

Take the bottom band and bring it over the top on both sides

Step 4:

Put one more rubber band and take the bottom band over the top and repeat

Step 5:

Take the band of the hooks and take the two bands out of the hole and hold them together and put a s clip on the front and back

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    Reply 4 years ago

    WTF???!!! WHAT DO U MEAN DO U LIKE GUYS!!???????

    dog lover109
    dog lover109

    6 years ago

    Ur pictures r a little blury

    dog lover109
    dog lover109

    6 years ago

    Did u learn the fishtail from me