Fish Tank Octopus Sparkle and Glow

Introduction: Fish Tank Octopus Sparkle and Glow

About: Want to do some thing best with my less resource.

I see fish tank in my neighbors home with pumps inside. But lights out side the tank. Lot of plastic fish floating in the middle of the water. So i plan to create a floating fish and allow it to glitter and glow. So see around what i have. Lot of small balls so i plan for octopus.

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Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required

1) Small Ball.(hard enough to with stand in the hot glue temperature)

2) Glitter powder.

3) Multi color LED.

4) Hot Hlue gun.

5) Potentiometer

6) Plain PCB board.

7) 5V dc adapter.

8) Oil.(I use castor oil)

9) Weight for pull Octopus in side water.

Step 2: Start Preparation

1) Connect two wires to the LED and cover the lead portion with glue gun.

2) Take the ball and cut the bottom side of the ball to the size of the led.

3) Insert the Led inside the ball and cover the cut region with the glue gun.

4) After glue dry. Take a bucket of water and immerse the ball inside the water, to check any leak in the ball.

Step 3: Finish the Body

1) Spray glitters over the top of the ball.

2) Cover the top portion of the ball with hot glue gun. (As per eraly told ball must be hard enough to with stand in the glue gun temperature, Because at first i lot 2 balls).

3) Allow it to dry.

Step 4: Prepare Legs With Suckers.

1) Take a big plain PCB board.

2) Apply oil over the PCB board.

3) Spray Glitter powder over the pcb board.

4) Use glue gun to make legs.

5) Press the trigger in one place and move down while reduce the pressing speed.

6) Make eight legs like that.

7) Allow it to dry and remove the legs. The legs some with suckers(PCB hole).

Step 5: Join the Leg With the Body

1) Hot glue the eight legs with the body we already made.

Step 6: Finishing and Let It Float

1) Leave some wire below the ball and tie a weight (I use a pipe available near my hand. If u have stones then its fine.)

2) Connect the circuit as per the diagram.

3) Now put the octopus in the fish tank and switch on the power supply.

4) I show it in the bucket because my house has no fish tank. (It glitter and Glow in different colors)


This project is only for adult because power with water need lot of test. I allow it to run for a day and no problem found. Already we see air pumps in side the fish tank with 230V power supply. But what we used here is only 5V supply.

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